Aug 3, 2011

all over the world

life is a dream; a different perspective.. a different reality. something from my journal- 

"...I imagined myself as I am, a man spread shirtless on a cliff, chest up to the sun like some golden offering, and I imagined time was nothing, and my will (as calm as a breath) became me as I became as static as a stone, some intricate part of the landscape."

hairfall by our secret waterfall
opposite the waterfall. together they flow, and fall, and crash, and become
n, our child, & i. auckland, july '11.

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Jul 17, 2011


desert night sky

I want to be on the road again, traveling inland, rolling through great clouds of red dust and sleeping beneath the stars, waking with the sun, swallowing up all the culture of this dry old country every day. I'm going on the road again, and I want you with me.

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Jul 4, 2011

water ballet

inside my baby's mama's belly my little baby is dancing happy, swirling about, growing each and every day and absorbing all of our endless and boundless love. we've taken our little boy or alba, whomever it may be, all over the world already, and we'll continue to do so, to teach our child everything we know so that he, or she, can teach other children and learn about the world. we're so blessed to have this opportunity to continue ourselves and our happinesses, and to multiply our blessings and happinesses with the birth of our child. there is so much good to come, and baby, we'll be waiting patiently for you, with all our warmth and love and family, all over the world. i'm so excited to welcome you to your playground.

my baby's beautiful mama, swimming in the italian sea. vernazza, june '11.

see mama n's announcement post:

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