Mar 17, 2010


I watched my lover rollerskate by the river at midnight, with moonlight and bright sleeping city dancing on the water all around. She fell over and I photographed her. But I do love her, and did help her - and so we kissed, cooed and cuddled all the way home, to bed and nice dreams.

By matt caplin with 16 comments


love your work matt.

beautiful natural light on your website.


Magical photos :)

I'm so glad you got a blog!!!

I love the dark tones in these pieces. They're very different from your other photos, in my opinion. They carry such a solemn atmosphere with them.

your photos are so real, they make me believe everything they have to say.

Happy you have now a blog!
lovely pics =]]

bird shit never looked so lovely :P
(that is crap on the ground right?)

such lovely photos, with a lovely soft, sleepy feeling to them.
reminds me of some of bill henson's work

lovely pics!! they are great!!

So real so raw so tender so humble.
thank you for being vunerable.
a gorgeous light lesson for other males,
who seem so sooooo heavy with expectations from their fathers, grand fathers, and friends.
Just Be Present with oneself is all that is needed. gorgeous.

Wow I love these photos!

love the eery cold feeling of these! magical

beautiful as per always. i'm curious, where were these taken?

you all are so lovely :)

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