Apr 27, 2010


mua: megan harrison / model: laura @ scene

i'm sorry for not having posted for a while. i've been interstate visiting nirrimi's family, reading (pierre la mure's 'clair de lune' - seriously recommended reading) and doing what i am not very good at (but seem to do so often) - relaxing. i'm also sorry to myself for not shooting much digital - it's not as bad as i've convinced myself it is, and it sure as hell is instantly gratifying. these are from a shoot i did yesterday, keep posted for more new work soon :)

By matt caplin with 10 comments


Gah, these are just too damn beautiful. I've missed seeing your work! I'm glad you got to relax, I think I know what you mean about not being good about relaxing but doing it all the time... Many times we'll think we're doing it or we'll do it in such a fractured way that it's really not all that relaxing at all. Sometimes a designated time to relax helps us not only to truly relax, but to see how useless our fleeting efforts at it are. Anyway, can't wait to see more work from you! :)

Welcome BAck dear Matt!!! SO so so so happy to see you are keeping up the blog again! I missed it :D

These picture are just FABULOUS!!! I mean it! They are great, gorgeus! you are amazing!!

Enjoy your relaxing moment!

Even the sweetest dream could not comprehend your work .. hahaha cheesaayy

I love them!!!!! Go Matt!

I know my opinion doesn't matter much but I especially like the last two. I love her expression and the colors in the second to last. My least favorite would be the second one.

love ur blog!!!!!
comment back!!

were these digital? they look so amazing

thank you! and yes, these were digital.

how do u make your photos look so good? :D

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