Apr 3, 2010

i've lost my mind

it has been stolen, stored away in-between here and nowhere
to become a dust-ridden memory
(sun as a golden haze, slowly slowly, a mist upon this dry land...
do you remember?)
it has been drained, once clear waters now muddy and impenetrable

i have drowned

save yourself, you are still here

By matt caplin with 10 comments


wow. your blog is wondrous!

I don't even understand how it's possible that your photos are as beautiful and unique as they are. I really, really look up to you. This is beyond words.

what you wrote is as beautiful as the picture.
please update more, i want to read more of you.

This almost made me cry.
And the picture is.. well.. my english vocabulairy lacks a word for it.

Matt you are incrediably talented.....wise beyond your years. Your work and poems are breath-taking.

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