May 4, 2010

and do we ever really move

or does wonder warrant movement, motion, improvement, commotion, everything that we never had but always wanted

By matt caplin with 10 comments


wow!!! this is amazing! You are an amazing photographer!
I love your work, I love following you!
Take care

I wish you would post poetry more often.

Love it. As always. The picture is so unique, the line it shows really brings out something special about it!!

Love the tones, nice work Matt!

Amazing indeed! Please post more music! I totally love your selections!

wow, I love this picture, the light is amazing!
definitly going to follow you.
xxx Marilena

how did u create this? its fabulous

Not only do you take mesmerizing pictures but you also write so beautifully!

You and your girlfriend are going to take the world by a storm.

I have no words to describe the amount of respect and admiration I have for the two of you.

Good luck!

Your picture are amazing. Especially those of your little sister.. I don't know what to say because I don't speak english well.. but even in french I have no words to discribe the feeling which is in me right now.. Thank you.

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