May 11, 2010

from the heart of southeast asia

ashlin emerges from the ocean (thailand, 2007)
footsteps on krabi beach (thailand, 2007)
before bed (thailand, 2007)
hotel room self-portrait at 2.15am (thailand, 2007)
ashlin and the islands (thailand, 2007)

If anybody wants to buy prints of ANY of my work, email me at I desperately need funds to develop my new work!

By matt caplin with 9 comments


these are so beautiful!
I'm emailing you now :)

one of my favorite series from you :) i don't really buy prints but i really would love this to be on my wall :) will email you :)

don't have money at the moment...but i will definitely help as soon as i do!

The self portrait is so beautiful, I love the mood and the quality, the blur and the grain.

I love these photos! So beautiful. My favorite is the second and third. Great work.

This are awesome... i like ashley emerging from the water

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