May 18, 2010

it exists as sound and memory

we are nestled leaves and us - soft silence hidden by trees and nearby river, or tip-toed stream through lush valley where thigh-high green grass grows and grows and traces the cracked dry ravines of our skin.

By matt caplin with 44 comments


Oh Matt!!!!!! I m speechless. As always a masterpiece. The first one is amazing!!!

your words. your pictures.

Once again, so utterly beautiful. #1 and #5 are simply...<3

the light and the pictures are beautiful!!

I am blown away by your talent. I'm running out of things to say each time without being repetitive or sounding cheesy. I love all of these, but 4 and 6 especially stand out to me for some reason :)

I'm simply repeating what others have said, but every photo is beautiful. a stillness in all the rush.

It's breathtaking.
All of the last ones are just so real and beautifully fragile.

beautiful has a brand new meaning. your words and your pictures- thats the definition of beautiful

why must all your photos be sheer perfection?

absolutely stunning!
your an inspiration matt. x

so happy to see some of your new work.. :) you are way too modest..

oh my god the last one is so amazing matt

love the general atmosphere of the photos.. so deep and intimate!

these are amazing, i'm following your blog!

The third and seventh are my favorites from this batch, the lighting in the last is just the right kind of dreamy sunlight!


oh so beautiful.
you took them?

Being a vivid fan of nature and the beauty it bestows, I most especially love these shots.
The way you have captured the light is quite exquisite!!! They show soft, gentle beauty in every picture.
Love them.

Great blog- it really is looking lovely and very inspirational.
I love these photos- such beautiful lighting
I have just started up my blog recently, and just trying to get it out there :)
Would love for you to check it out and leave me your thoughts and suggestions.

beautiful. stunning. words can't describe.
in love.
Pearl xo

your photo's are absolutely stunning. gorgeous lighting; i believe the second one is amazing.
i would love for you to visit my blog and leave me your thoughts and suggestions. as mimi, i am just trying to get it out there:)


3rd & 5th are my favourite... i love your b&ws matt...

these are all fantastic. the lighting is just perfect
the black and white one of her back is beyond stunning.
you have wonderful work.

This are so so great!! I'm in love with your pics

you and n are both wonderful, but in my personal preference, there's something more absorbing in your works. it touches a chord. do not ever stop.

Your photographs are great, I love the way you catch the light :)

so beautiful! makes me want to run away and play outside

these are just beautiful. your use of lighting is magical, who needs studio lighting, this is the way it should be.

These are beautiful pictures. Did you take them?

lovely pictures though everybody already said so.
You capture THE moment and THE feeling.
keep it up.
-fellow photographer from Lithuania

These are too good!
Very inspiring :)

you take beautiful photos. love your sense of lighting - so incredible and dreamy.

Mystic & lovely!Like forest fairies!

I love the pictures, and all the greenary :D


wow. these are stunning, you're so talented. genuinely some of the best photos i've seen on a blog.
where do you live? it's a beautiful place.

Ellen at The Raven and the Cellar Door

love these pictures. your blog is darling. found you on bloglovin. happy to find you! please stop by mine and say hi.


whoa, that last photograph commands such attention. i love it.

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