May 8, 2010

a short trip to sydney

lily at the zoo

a deer

a penguin gliding in an overhead tank

lily with the fish

taken from the sydney harbour bridge, w/ the opera house in the distance.

palms in a park

a dalmation

these photos are happy snaps from a recent trip to sydney for lily's birthday. taken on film with a cheap point-and-shoot camera.

By matt caplin with 12 comments


I love how simple & eye-catching these are. I hope she had a good birthday :)

shows how talented you are matt.
these pictures are lovely.

you daughter is adorable :)
and beautiful snaps. You give me the impression that you always have a camera attached to your eye!

they are lovely even with a cheap point and shoot :)

This photos with the disposable camera are so great

OOooooh Lily! How cute!! Great picturse!

I love the first and fifth one! Sometimes it is so great just to use a point and shoot camera. The results tend to be more free and loose.

Do you just scan these photos in ? Or what.. haha i'm not very good with film or cameras in general. I'm just curious

thanks everyone! i don't have a negative scanner yet so these are just low-resolution images, scanned on to a CD by the lab i had the film processed at. unfortunately it's all very much on the cheap.

These are f**kin amazing for "cheapness"!!! Shows you have talent!!! A real photographer, who doesn't need whimsy technology!! Something too many rely on these days . .. . TALENT I TELL YOU! :-)

these are so beautiful, matt! you are brilliant. :)

these are full of a sense of life and I love it :)

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