Jun 22, 2010

children eat monsters

1. ashlin / 2. ashlin's hair being done by nirrimi for filming / 3. nirrimi spinning ashlin / 4. children eat monsters

By matt caplin with 15 comments


your b&w are the best !
can't wait to see nirrimi's film
you both are so.. lovely !

Wow, the girl looks like angel :)

cant wait to see this film!

All so gorgeous. I can't phrase it more eloquently than that.

ashlin is going to be beautiful when she grows up :)

Ahh her freckles are so gorgeous! What a beauty. Great photos Matt.

these are so soft and young. can you and nirrimi do a yotuube video? i feel like you guys are hiding too much behind those cameras ;)

My favourtie post in your blog! Love the photos :D

You have such a way with moments and your sisters. These are all beautiful, but I find the first image to be the most striking.

this post is soooo amazing! one of my fav I saw so far. Really congratulation! My greatest congratulation!!

Really impressive, so strange, so different, so original!

Both your sisters are equally talented, it runs in the family, I assume.

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