Jun 29, 2010


today i deleted my facebook and twitter accounts. simple things and a simple act but addiction is a complex beast and the effect deleting the two has had on me is wonderful. i will still be updating this blog regularly (i will have a camera soon, something i've been without for a very long time), so make sure you subscribe.

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stay well my friends, i will leave you with something a new friend wrote to me


"I happen upon a point of no return and welcome it - for no return means no options, and options are something I have had too many."

By matt caplin with 15 comments


good decision, i regularly have facebook famines, always a cleansing and happy experience!

Wow . .. not many have the courage to delete facebook. I love it as a form of networking, but agreed, addiction it is.
You are so wise, Matt.
At least you are updating this blog .. . for more quotes and wonderful, wonderful pictures.works of art.

Glad to see that you are still artistically alive :)

I've been wanting to delete my facebook for weeks, yet so many people find my photography from there. So, I am in a catch-22, I suppose.

i have facebook and twitter, but i love blogger :)

Wow, that photo is amazing and that's a really beautiful quote!

thanks simone :)

louis d - i thought the same thing, but then realised: i will be more likely to succeed in the real world using my voice and actions than i will in pseudo-reality using the same font as everybody else.

i have taken note of everything that makes me who i do not want to be, and removed these things from my life. instead of adding to become, i am subtracting to not become.

you did the right thing and it's really great I think. enjoy real world!
+ the portrait is stunning, she's such a beautiful child

A wise decision Matt. I wish I'm ready to do the same. You're right the addiction is a bitch and it brings bad things all around :p

wonderful, i can't wait for your updates :)

i think you're lucky to have her as your sister

Facebook it's pretty useless,but i wish you kept your twitter account. Anyway,i know you participated in some contest with this photo(because i told you so,haha). did it win anything :)?If not,too bad,it's one of my fav. from you :).

glad to see you around again

its pity that you have deleted your facebook account. I know, its pretty selfish what I will write now but after your deleting I felt that something will be missing in my daily activities. Its not that you are just one of my daily activities thou, its just...I will miss checking what that intelligent, super sensitive, talented and unique boy wrote today. Now I feel you are further away then normal.
I'm not a big fan of facebook but I'm not hiding that it helps me heaps havin still contact with my friends and family when I travel to the other side of the world.

But its great you are fine, you are here and you feel good after you did :)

hope my honest comment didnt make you angry or anything.

happy that you will still be around and that we will still be able to view your precious works.

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