Jul 24, 2010

of heartbeat or pulsing blood

and i (we are alive)

ten thousand nights had swept over the body of my mother before i was born and slept my first night, feeling for the first time this dark and mysterious movement of sand trickling over my body. what a funny thing consciousness seems when coming from dreams. how bland it is; we either accept this bland living and attempt to redefine it as necessary, or we, and how hard this is to explain, try to turn our dreams eternal. the suicide of a dreamer is the slow death of a race, and as such the reincarnation of a dreamer into unconscious consciousness is much the same - and both are closer to death than life, regardless of heartbeat or pulsing blood.

so live in your imagination

By matt caplin with 7 comments


Matt, honestly, this is beyond belief. God bless. You are so talented.

second couple (diptych?) works so amazingly well!



In the clouds I see a dark angel reaching down to sweep blinded blandness away from dreamings unconscious... there is even a styalised face in profile on the bottom right looking up to receive the angel's blessing... or is it a curse????

i absolutely adore the photograph of the sky.

Ellen at The Raven and the Cellar Door

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