Jul 4, 2010

tonight i disappear

when i fell asleep i fell asleep into the sand and the sand swallowed me up and sank me down and everything was scratchy on my skin

and i fell
and fell
and fell
 and found

freckles of soil, a shy sun; gently now, we are floating

tonight i disappear. i am exploring the nowhere land. when i return my skin will be sand and it will move slow, and calm, and i will float across heaven seeping night skies and sink into warm sound and flowing blue. 

please remember that everything is beautiful

By matt caplin with 10 comments


Enjoy the solitude + make sure you take photos!

lets take pictures about nothing and solitude...interesting theme!


You are amazing, Matt... you truly are!

far past the point of no return the fact of beauty is impossible to forget.

Matt, you're one of my favorite photographers and it means a lot that you would post one of my photographs. I hope you are well, and I wish you the best with your life : )

this is truly amazing. your words and your images and explorations leave me speechless but so full.

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