Aug 15, 2010

mess is just scattered beauty

i close my eyes to all light and listen to the sounds
there is only darkness and a hushed whispering wind
the dull desperate thud of a heart beating dead alive
pulsing blood singing dulcet sea songs in my ear
and from inside, i hear old air pushing past dry flesh as i cough
a sick sound

i am new but broken since birth
and all mess is just scattered beauty, lost to itself

By matt caplin with 14 comments


why hasn't anyone written a thought on this yet?

That was beautiful. Your words.

And your photos are somewhat harsh and convincing.

Amazing, I'm honestly speechless. Your photos and words are amazing.

This is beautiful. And your jeep/car shot sort of reminds me of the movie, Into the Wild.

my favourite word is enchanting.. and thats exactly what this post just is.. utterly enchanting! x

so beautiful. you must be a very deep young boy. So great everything by you! everything!

These are incredible. I always look forward to your posts matt, they're so moving.

I love the first photo! Very beautiful post.

Btw, I gave you an award. To see it, go to my blog. :)

your words and photos are incredible !!!!!

beautiful photographs and writings.

your blog is amazing! It's the first time I feel butterflies in my stomach from reading a blog! I love it!

I love the photo of the windshield, it looks like you're travelling through some galactic realm.

C x


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