Aug 31, 2010

she is all i love

there lives a girl with the sun inside her
the glowing humming sun and brightness
and she will carry my love for months
feeding it her love, filling the space with our love

(i trace with pen and fingertip
on my olive-skin waxen girl)

happy birthday, beautiful. all i want is us.

By matt caplin with 12 comments


that is so very beautiful and intimate. thank you for sharing your words and images.

You certainly have a beautiful way with words, Matt.
My favourite being the poetry written on Nirrimi's back.
The other photos are, as usual, just perfect at capturing those vivid moments of beauty you see in life.

you guys certainly have a thing for photography in showers ;)

love the picture of Nirrimi's legs, it looks particularly cinematic

this is beautiful matt,
glad that you guys are doing well


To be honest, I love post you write, but this touched my heart more than the others after the long time.

this is absolutely beautiful

these photographs are so lovely.

I wish both of you the very best. No one deserves both of you more than you two. ^ ^

she really is beautiful. i love all of these. your work, words and imagery, are lovely.

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