Sep 3, 2010


This is something of an entrancing photoshoot. The one with the overalls is my favorite. :)

oh my god, i thought you were featuring a photographer's work and i thought it was very cool. then i recognised the hotel. you're amazing. loving your work without realising it's yours shows i am unbiased in my adoration. you're spectacular.

WOW those middle three, where it looks like increased exposure against the sun, seem somewhat different to your normal work!!! But grand, nonetheless!
you got a great model. The pics are wonderful!

This is one of my favourite shooting so far!!! Matt, this is gorgeus!!! this is really really amazing!!! love it. I can learn from this shooting, I can really learn from you!

Yes, I as well thought you were featuring another photographer. These are fucking awesome.

your photos are stunning!!!stunning!!!!

u'r photos are a m a z i n g, really!

I think I just fell in love with this boy.

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