Sep 29, 2010

new york city

By matt caplin with 18 comments


such stunning pictures, I love the first one.

amazing.... i love your work

These look so great. I love the tones of the piano shot. The look of all these photos is just amazing.

You're an incredible inspiration. Can't wait to see what's to come.

they're amazing pictures.
with stories

I like the way you see things.
N the way you make unnoticeable things so beautiful..

haha i love the last one! (and your amazing editing!) all in one wonderful impressions!

i am so glad you posted these. amazing pictures! loving the last.

the second image is breathtaking!

Wow. Particularly in love with your photo of that red head. Great angle, great shot!

And the photo of you in the mirror . .. in love with it.

Love the fourth image amazing work

Wow! This is incredible. Especially the one with the redhead.

Bad atmosphere in the first one. Love the third :)

What? How did you do this?! Nice work.

ahhhh the last one is genius. and the others are amazing!

haha, is that police officer flipping off the camera?
i love the shots, as always :)

Love the photograph of the girl with red hair & the one with the policemen! amazing work!

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