Sep 24, 2010

toby, rest in peace

as the last of the air left his lungs his legs galloped like they do when he dreams, so maybe that's where he's gone. into dreaming. away from pain. his arthritis was so bad he would collapse sometimes into his water bowl while drinking, and he had cancer in his mouth, and no control of his bowels, so seeing the blissful nothingness on his face as his head lulled onto my knee was reassuring

rest in peace toby, i will never share chocolate easter bunnies with any other animal

1994 - 2010

By matt caplin with 23 comments


May his soul run free. I'm sorry for the friend you lost today, he'll always be in your heart.

I'm so sorry, Matt. Huge love.

rest in peace toby, i just can't imagine when that happens to my beloved dog spunky. i'm really sorry for your loss.

I'm really sorry you had to say goodbye.

I had a dog named Toby when I was small... My family went on vacation, and my parents got their friends to watch him while we were away. They lived on a farm, and one day Toby apparently peed in the house, so they smacked him as punishment, and my dog ran away. We never found him. I never got an apology from those so called 'friends' of my parents for losing my puppy.

It's hard losing a pet, they're so precious

Love the pics! :}
U're amazing!

This hits me right at the heart, tears well in my eyes. Toby lives, so long as he is remembered.
In our hearts, and in our elusive memories.

Very sorry for your loss. The hole in your heart will always be there, but it won't always wake you up. Best to you.

at least you had the chance to say goodbye :(

Holy shit that was so beuatiful Matt. Tears to me eyes. Those photos are just amazing.

What sometimes helps me get through my days is remembering that some people understand what I feel. I know how you feel.

:( <3 i hate that he's gone but i hope he feels no pain, sorry for your loss.x

this blog entry brings me some relief...having just put a pet down, a tuxedo cat that has been mine half my life. knowing that others have loved their pets as strongly as I have...and having the ability to let them go is like a small release inside my gut.
i'm sorry for your loss....i hope toby comes to you in the dreams, with the softest fur and strongest joints.
i hope mine visits me, just the same.

you know chocolate is extremely bad for dogs right....?

yes, i know. it was the tiniest piece, it happened once, and was only mentioned because it is one of my earliest memories with toby. easter morning, sitting outside my house in townsville, toby beside me, both lazy from the heat. such a nice animal.

You write really beautifully, but I think that you're not suppose to feed dogs chocolate.

Lost my dog in august. grew up with her. Its been 4 months, but it feels like forever. the last picture is really touching. thank you for sharing.
and by the way, of course you shouldn't give your dog chocolate, but whatever. you souldn't drink, smoke or eat too much sugar either. my dog loved choclate and cheese. And she was 13 when she got sick. Cancer too. So it had nothing to do with the chocolate.

Its hard to let go, but sometimes you have to be strong to take away the pain from beloved ones.
thank you again for sharing. Made me think of the good days again. And your memory from this easter morning is beautiful. got one like that one too. And I live almost on the other side of the world. (;

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