Oct 1, 2010


By matt caplin with 17 comments


You're one of my favorite photograpers, be proud.

the first portrait is otherworldly beautiful

I'm in love with the first one. The droplets (if that's what they are) on her eyes add such a beautifully serene feeling to the photograph. It brings a smile and breaks your heart at the same time. And of course, the freckles are lovely.

Wow, epic pictures. Soft beauty.

I think the second is one of the best photographs you've ever taken. ♥


These are my favorite photos from you out of everything you've done.

Oh my god. The bottom image of your sisters together. All of these images are beautiful. I am stunned into (almost) silence.

the first one is literally breath taking <3

Beautiful pictures<3

But I just have to ask, are they twins? I thought ashely was your only sister :)

these two are truly amazing.. those girls are true beauties.


oh the first photo is amazing!

how do you make the pictures look so soft and film-like ? love it, times ten <3

i love both of these, beautiful. beyond, really.

Stunning pictures. Your whole website is great. Love it!

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