Jul 31, 2010

where sleeping dogs dream

this town is haunted 

everywhere i walk i see the shadows of starving dogs, the muted sound of laughter on a child's lips

everything has been licked by the tongue of insanity itself, and now the feeling moves within the flesh

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Jul 24, 2010

of heartbeat or pulsing blood

and i (we are alive)

ten thousand nights had swept over the body of my mother before i was born and slept my first night, feeling for the first time this dark and mysterious movement of sand trickling over my body. what a funny thing consciousness seems when coming from dreams. how bland it is; we either accept this bland living and attempt to redefine it as necessary, or we, and how hard this is to explain, try to turn our dreams eternal. the suicide of a dreamer is the slow death of a race, and as such the reincarnation of a dreamer into unconscious consciousness is much the same - and both are closer to death than life, regardless of heartbeat or pulsing blood.

so live in your imagination

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Jul 12, 2010

hungry children

a few weeks ago i booked a one way ticket to the middle of australia. the real, raw outback. i organised casual work in a remote aboriginal community (with help from my nanna, who runs a health clinic there).
all i have is my camera, my thoughts, and compassion that runs deeper than any sense of self. this is a diary of my days here.


today i saw a trail of dog fetuses sunburnt and scattered across the road, tiny things that had no chance. i heard the sound of my nanna the nurse at the end of our hallway talking to a sobbing twelve year old who had just been raped. she was afraid that her foster mother (there are so many of them, they foster children for the money when they cannot even care for their own) would hit her for the bad talk it would bring. today i saw a baby sitting naked on the road, crying and covered in her own faeces and throw-up. the sad truth is that nothing will change, she will be like this in 10 years, 20 years, 30 and 40 years, but no longer; this is when they die. to be alive is the greatest pain and so survival is not something that is important to them. but more than that - it is something that is not readily available to them.


 children who have not eaten for days


 taken from the car as we drove by. children playing in dirty rainwater on the side of the road. my nanna (nurse) says next week these same children will be in her clinic with severe ear infections. but they don't care - heavy rain is a once in a lifetime event and so they enjoy it as fully as they can. without happiness, what else is there?


sunset. a young girl feels the wind sail by the car window

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Jul 4, 2010

tonight i disappear

when i fell asleep i fell asleep into the sand and the sand swallowed me up and sank me down and everything was scratchy on my skin

and i fell
and fell
and fell
 and found

freckles of soil, a shy sun; gently now, we are floating

tonight i disappear. i am exploring the nowhere land. when i return my skin will be sand and it will move slow, and calm, and i will float across heaven seeping night skies and sink into warm sound and flowing blue. 

please remember that everything is beautiful

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Jul 3, 2010

there is only one girl for me

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