Aug 31, 2010

she is all i love

there lives a girl with the sun inside her
the glowing humming sun and brightness
and she will carry my love for months
feeding it her love, filling the space with our love

(i trace with pen and fingertip
on my olive-skin waxen girl)

happy birthday, beautiful. all i want is us.

By matt caplin with 12 comments

Aug 15, 2010

mess is just scattered beauty

i close my eyes to all light and listen to the sounds
there is only darkness and a hushed whispering wind
the dull desperate thud of a heart beating dead alive
pulsing blood singing dulcet sea songs in my ear
and from inside, i hear old air pushing past dry flesh as i cough
a sick sound

i am new but broken since birth
and all mess is just scattered beauty, lost to itself

By matt caplin with 14 comments