Jan 13, 2011

brisbane floods

townsville in the rain
recently, we traveled. from rainy townsville days (above), to blue helicopter-heavy brisbane skies (below)... and a lot of water. these quick snaps are the result of a short drive today to see what we could see. it wasn't much. a lot of roads are blocked off by either water or police, so moving about is very difficult at the moment. nirrimi and i are still attempting to make our way to toowoomba (to fulfill our original plan of seeing the other half of her family - the half i'm yet to meet)... but toowoomba was hit much worse than brisbane, and our ride there was canceled... so hopefully we still manage to get there. fingers crossed the sun shines hard.

the situation in queensland is much worse than these photos depict. people have died. this is all i've seen so far -- if i see anything else, i will record it.

a news helicopter thunders by the sky above
a man takes in the scene before him: a once busy intersection, now buried in water.
in brisbane, the low-lying suburban areas (such as the dip of a hill this house and the water-enveloped houses nearby were built on) were hit hard.
in brisbane, the low-lying suburban areas (such as the dip of a hill this house and the water-enveloped houses nearby were built on) were hit hard.
a lady waits with the only possessions she and her partner have left. the couple recently moved into their new home but, along with all of their new furniture, it is now submerged in floodwater.
two couples observe the quiet mass of disastrous floodwater.
a sports oval, engulfed by water.

you can help those affected by the flood by donating here: http://telethon.smartservice.qld.gov.au/

By matt caplin with 23 comments


that's incredible. i wish you guys all the best out there and take care, hope your fine.
i just found your blog via weliveyoung. it's amazing, you and nirrimi are amazing photographers, good job guys! x

really impressive, Matt....And your pictures are so powerful in representing this difficult moment!

I wish you all the best

these are beautiful, despite the heartbreak of the content. I can imagine your photos in National Geographic. be safe!

I am so sorry for what has happened. I am praying that everything will be better very soon for all these people.

And the photos are gorgeous. :)

Good to see someone is documenting whats happening. The image with the man at the intersection is very emotive.

this post and accompanying pictures reveal the damaging repercussions of such floods. im honored to see your photos; they truly captured the emotions, damages, and small details that no one would notice at first glance. thank you for your beautiful pictures matt.i am a huge fan of your photography, but these are the most real photos i have seen in a while.

very impressive and shocking pictures. it's scary to see how mother Nature can affect us this badly, i honestly wish a fast discover to Australia and nothing else bad happens. this is bad enough!
thanks for making such an incredible report of the situation.
Love from Portugal!

PS even so the power and destruction of Brisbane i find such beauty and power on those pics. Inspiring!

as always lovely photographs. but oh my gosh all that flooding is terrible! I hope you and nirrimi can make it to see her family as soon as possible.

-cristina xoxo

This is an eye-opening post! Thanks for sharing.



you even make devastation look beautiful...if I can say that without taking away the tragedy of the whole situation?

I'd love to see your pictures of India and Indonesia! These shots are beautiful, as usual. I especially like the one with the man with his hands on his head.


Beautiful photographs right there, amazing story. As well.

I've passed by here before and read this but it's my first leaving a comment; I came here again to see if you've posted anything new, I'm waiting for it.

The way Nirrimi talks about you on her blog you're an amazing guy; I like that, keep being awesome to her she's an amazing girl.

I'll be passing by again sometime, until then.

DT. Tha Hustla
Nassau, Bahamas | Miami, Florida

Stunning photographs! Very immpressive.

beautiful beautiful photos but totally tragic

impressive pictures, and horrible to see.! love your work!

Wow, such bad luck for the couple! Hope everyone is doing fine. Best of luck for you and Nirrimi. The photographs do represent such a strong story.
-fellow blogger

I love your blog !
With love Little Sable

Devastating flood. Thanks for sharing the photos

the photo of the lady holding her only possessions really changed my mind on a few things i'd been worrying over lately. thankyou for having that impact on me through your photo's.

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