May 20, 2011


belle on the train into the city

sommer at luna park

a ferry trip across sydney harbour

my lover by candlelight

over the past months since my last post, and before that, too, i've experienced a number of departures. through experiencing the intensity of a life without self, i have grown immensely in my knowledge of myself. with some of these experiences i have had to battle, hard, to "de-capsize" life as i felt it and tear whatever shred of happy advice i could from the negative hands of my captor-experience, while at other times all i knew was bliss. it's funny, when breathless, you thrash wildly towards whatever surface your mind desires; but when above air, with air, breathing is a background motion -- something you hardly ever think about or enjoy. over the past few months i've learnt the strange movements of this m√∂bius-like equation, studied it's granular motions and most intrinsic details, and emerged brightly, enjoying both breathlessness and breathing. i hope you can all forgive me for disappearing elsewhere for so long. 

i have folders and folders of images to release and now, with new perspective, i will begin once again.


By matt caplin with 33 comments


Beautiful photographs, as usual, and gorgeous writing. x

these are amazing!

Your words breathe life through every single print. Keep writing and creating! :)

Your writing and photography together create not just art but an experience, they transcend their medium. Beautiful. Can't wait to see more work!

These are such beautiful, delicate moments. Can't wait to hear more from you! You and Nirrimi are so talented.

OMG matt i dont know how to let you know how happy i am that u uploaded.....those photographs are beyond beautiful it captures the innocence of childhood and tranquility and also simplicity...i miss it soooo much i wish i could become a child again

Love all of these, they are amazing. the first one with the patterns on the window, beautiful!

Beautiful once again.

I love these images you take of Nirrimi. No one else can capture her the way you do. Meant to be.

Big kudos to that print of Sommer in Luna Park. That is just such a magical photo.

the photo of Sommer is breathtaking.

Im glad you're posting again.

This is amazing matt! I m so glad you are posting again, and I can't wait to see all these amazing pictures with your new perspective! So happy!

your writing transcends your visual interpretations. you should write more, or atleast let your words be read more.

"sommer at luna park" photo is amazing
hope you update more often, love what you do

Matthew, I know it is hard to believe - but you saved me life tonight. Stumbling across your insert, it reached right down my throat, dived inside my cage and squeezed my heart so fiercely that I had no choice but to come back to the present.

I don't know how to make it sound unique, but, thank you.


i'm so glad to see you posting again! these photographs are so gorgeous, you really managed to capture the feeling of the moments, something that is so rare and precious. i can't wait for more!

I'm glad you're back with pictures. I've been looking forward to them for quite a long time.
I specially love the last one form this post.

wow those first two take my breath away

I love your photographs ! Finally youre back !

Greetings from Norway :)

I am so glad to hear that! It's always a joy when you update your blog.

These photos are really great!

Claire M.

i love your photographs. they're beautiful.

Beautiful pics, the last one is my fav!! I follow you, and I hope you follow me back :)

great photos man, best regards

Beautiful photos full of life. xx

lovely, and you are also a beautiful writer. you photograph children so innocently

Great photos@ Very beautiful I love it so much ;)

I briefly went through all of your photos on your blog. Beautiful shots, and your writing is exquisite. What an inspiration!

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well observed and well understood - about breathing being a background motion. i was always annoyed by our tendency to stop noticing that, which we are fully immersed in. late in the evening, before sleep, i bring myself to a halt and register the buzzing color of air and the texture of the daily basics, and remind myself of this bare... marvel.

what a great photos!!!
like it

Wonderful universe and pictures ! In love!

beautiful photos. amazing :)

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