Jul 17, 2011


desert night sky

I want to be on the road again, traveling inland, rolling through great clouds of red dust and sleeping beneath the stars, waking with the sun, swallowing up all the culture of this dry old country every day. I'm going on the road again, and I want you with me.

By matt caplin with 23 comments


Love especially the last picture. And I also love the beauty of your life and dreams.

oh my gosh this is so beautiful

beautiful photos... please keep sharing your life enjoyments with us.

Good luck to you in that endless red realm. Those of us living in the stoic north can only taste Australia's ancient heat vicariously, through your pictures and words.


Wow, the first pic is amazing...enjoy your beautiful travel and keep sharing with us!

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wonderful. the last picture is amazing

You took the words right out of my mouth.
Beautiful photos!

great photos


beautiful, magical photos x

i love the first picture. beautiful red.

Very serene photographs. I too long for roadtripping into the countrysides, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


I still remember the first time I ever saw stars like that, I was 11, and there was chaos erupting all around me, running, and I was standing unflinching, head tilted magnetically bewitched by the magnificence, as if I was the moon's marionette and the stars were orchestrating my strings.

These are good ones! Is the desert dirt/sand really that rich of a red? It all seems a sandier, tawny shade here ...

Hope you're well. <3

i love the contrast of the red dirt and the night sky. i hope i will see a sky like that someday. thank you for sharing.


I love these photos, they're so beautiful...

wow, the desert sky is breathtaking!! so beautiful! hoping to see this once with my own eyes... :)

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so nice.



Beautiful photos! Living in a city full of lights, your last shot is especially beautiful.

beautiful pictures, love it!


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