Jul 4, 2011

water ballet

inside my baby's mama's belly my little baby is dancing happy, swirling about, growing each and every day and absorbing all of our endless and boundless love. we've taken our little boy or alba, whomever it may be, all over the world already, and we'll continue to do so, to teach our child everything we know so that he, or she, can teach other children and learn about the world. we're so blessed to have this opportunity to continue ourselves and our happinesses, and to multiply our blessings and happinesses with the birth of our child. there is so much good to come, and baby, we'll be waiting patiently for you, with all our warmth and love and family, all over the world. i'm so excited to welcome you to your playground.

my baby's beautiful mama, swimming in the italian sea. vernazza, june '11.

see mama n's announcement post: http://weliveyoung.blogspot.com/2011/07/that-bright-glow-of-new-life.html

By matt caplin with 28 comments


I'm italian and i love "cinque terre"...compliments for yours photos. beautiful!!!

Great dad and mum.

btw lovely photo.

Wow that's such amazing news. I'm such a fan of you guys, hope I didn't scare you at RAFW

so happy for you both. x

Beautiful <3 A new life is ALWAYS something to celebrate. I'm sure your other daughter will be a wonderful big sister.

Just be happy :)

i'm so happy for you both. i hope you always be so happy

i'm from canada, but i was in cinque terre around the same time you two were. (it's so, so wonderful.) i love your work, and i also wanted to say congratulations on your little gift :)

congratulations to you both and beautiful photos as usual :)

Congratulations to you and Nirrimi, Matt. Much love for your new addition.

It just... came all of sudden to me.
Matt, it's amazing. Congratulations to you both.
You waited for it for so long and now it comes <3

Aw I was at Cinque Terre just the other day!

So many congratulations to you both :) You are giving your this little miracle an innate gift of curiosity and exploration and that's such a wonder!

Congratulations!!! I know that the baby would be so very blessed.

Sending all the best wishes your way. :)


she's such a beautiful mum ! congrats :)

heey, what wonderful news! congratulations. there is so much love and energy in the two of you - more than enough to prepare your lucky child for a dynamic and breathtaking life journey.


Congratulations to you both, having a baby is such an amazing experience and nothing is more beautiful than bringing a new life into the world. :)

There is so much beauty in you both, that I feel like you're from another world. Magic.

so eloquent.
enjoy and congratulations!
big fan of both of your work.
wish i could express myself as well as you two in words as well as pictures x

Oh yes there is...a lot of SKIN and BLOOD and TEETH and HARD DRIVES to GO with it!
In other words...we are hoping for the best with the younger ones..maybe they can get "therapy"..but the consensus is , over 40...YOU ARE OUT.




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Nice, Love the photo btw ;)

xx from London


I love the way you' re writing about the pregnancy time. It's so positive and full of love.

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