Aug 3, 2011

all over the world

life is a dream; a different perspective.. a different reality. something from my journal- 

"...I imagined myself as I am, a man spread shirtless on a cliff, chest up to the sun like some golden offering, and I imagined time was nothing, and my will (as calm as a breath) became me as I became as static as a stone, some intricate part of the landscape."

hairfall by our secret waterfall
opposite the waterfall. together they flow, and fall, and crash, and become
n, our child, & i. auckland, july '11.

By Matt Caplin with 27 comments


beautiful beautiful beautiful. the last image is so striking. you are fantastic

I so love updates from both N and you. xx

this is so so beautiful Matt!!! I’m so happy for you:)

cool photos, my fav is the second one, the landscape is awesome

This is amazing. A big hug to you guys

I am completely happy for you. And also, I have to say these photos are absolutely beautiful.

I was listening to paradise circus by massive attack and I cried and then I saw your post and the last picture is so beautiful - you know that feeling when something is so beautiful that it hurts but in a good way?

Feel happy :)

such a lovely photography im lovin it buy valium online

Oh my god, THIS <3 Amazingly beautiful/stunning and everything

amazing photos on your blog :)!

absolutely stunning!i adore the last photo and wish you all the best!x

Just WONDERFUL really. Thank you.

I fell in love with the beauty of living of yours and Nirrimi. it's reflected in the photos, especially in yours, which I admire. wish I could live your way.

It kills me how perfect you two are. Wish I had the courage to live like you. x

I love your pictures and actually, your life...I love it. I'll be following your from now on :D

mr. caplin, i remember n + m on model mayhem x hello again to both of you!

and congratulations on being a father x

I love your photographs and your films, so much beauty!
I wish you the best with your baby, I think your baby is terribly lucky to be so loved. Nirrimi and you are going to give her the best of lives, I can tell :)

great pictures.

maybe you'd like my artwork:

you have been nominated for best blog award. I don't know what it is, it seems a sort of pay it forward king of thing and it works ;-)

the last photograph has something unique and special.

It's not like all the typical pictures of pregnant women.

Please keep updating us with new pictures.
We are now following you!

Kind regards,

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