May 20, 2011


belle on the train into the city

sommer at luna park

a ferry trip across sydney harbour

my lover by candlelight

over the past months since my last post, and before that, too, i've experienced a number of departures. through experiencing the intensity of a life without self, i have grown immensely in my knowledge of myself. with some of these experiences i have had to battle, hard, to "de-capsize" life as i felt it and tear whatever shred of happy advice i could from the negative hands of my captor-experience, while at other times all i knew was bliss. it's funny, when breathless, you thrash wildly towards whatever surface your mind desires; but when above air, with air, breathing is a background motion -- something you hardly ever think about or enjoy. over the past few months i've learnt the strange movements of this m√∂bius-like equation, studied it's granular motions and most intrinsic details, and emerged brightly, enjoying both breathlessness and breathing. i hope you can all forgive me for disappearing elsewhere for so long. 

i have folders and folders of images to release and now, with new perspective, i will begin once again.


By matt caplin with 33 comments